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 Waste Management

Waste Recycling
Organic Waste Composter

PAMM’s Organic Waste Composter is designed to make composting easy and convenient. It’s fully automatic and has very compact and aesthetic design.

With the help of in house automation team, PAMM Organic Waste Composter is equipped with intuitive technology which maintains the right temperature, air flow and moisture.


Technical specifications:

  • Semi / Fully automatic.

  • Economic

  • SS parts for contact with waste

  • More than 75% volume reduction of organic waste into compost

  • Removal of compost once a week

  • Aesthetic design

  • No foul odor


PAMM Composter is designed for rapid composting of organic waste. It can be used in residential complexes, hotels, restaurants, company canteens, resorts, education institution, food courts etc. Depending upon the model it can be process 25 kg to 4000 kg of organic waste daily.

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