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News and Announcements

Launch of pre-fabricated range of STP's


PAMM Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd proudly announces the launch of pre-fabricated STP's for its customers. These plants are constructed in MS sheet with rubber lining / epoxy coating. It will help customers in terms of easy and fast installation. reduced costing.

These STP's are available in various capacities starting from 5 KLD to 240 KLD.

Although, PAMM has fixed dimensions for each product, minor modifications can be made to suit customer requirements. PAMM also gives its customer a choice to choose from various STP technologies such as MBR, MBBR, SBR, FMBR and extended aeration.

As the designs are already verified by experts of the field and tested for operations, customer does not bear the costing incurred for designing and testing of the plant. Whereas, the civil work to be done at site for installation of STP is minimal as everything is made in factory and shipped to site as a plug and play product.

Standard design, repetitiveness in production, experience put together has made these plants very economic for purchasing as well operations.

PAMM looks forward to serving its customer through continuous improvement in its products and solutions. For further details please click here

Launch of Organic Waste Composters


PAMM has created and launched a range of solid waste composters. These composters without noise and foul odor are most suitable solution for fast decomposition of bio-degradable waste generated from kitchens of homes, hospitals, canteens, hotels, restaurants, resorts, hostels etc. 

With unique technological improvements implemented by PAMM, these composters are economic in pricing, more efficient in operations and very easy to operate. Facilities like remote monitoring help the users to know about overall operations, alarms etc. in the composter. Uniqueness of design and selection of components has made them less power consuming. Thus, making them a most suitable product for composting needs.

These composters come in two types viz. Normal and Rotary.

For further detail please click here

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