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PARAM: A Complete IoT Solution for Asset Management

PARAM is a solution developed by PAMM which helps in reducing "operation and maintenance" costs substantially for STP, WTP and other applications. It is a combination of software, industrial automation and embedded technologies. It helps in continuous monitoring of plants by experts on 24 X 7 basis. PARAM also gives critical insights in plant operation, helps in improving efficiency. By creating AI based preventive alerts, it helps in reducing unscheduled downtime and plant failures.

In short, peace of mind for plant owners !!!

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Features of PARAM

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Save Costs

Following features of PARAM help customers in saving substantial operation costs:

  • Reduced operator  requirement

  • Proper tracking of consumables and electricity 

  • Preventive actions using historic data

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24 X 7 Expert Support

The plant operations are monitored and controlled by trained staff. This staff is also backed by plant's historic data, AI algorithms for decision making. On top of it, process experts also guide the staff for betterment of process and improvement of plant operations. All this, on 24 X 7 basis !

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Store, Analyze, Improve

Plant parameter data is continuously stored on server. Analysis of this data helps in:

  • Improving plant process

  • Preventive alerts

  • Plant OEE insights

  • Plant life cycle tracking

  • Equipment health

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Reduce Operator Need

With PARAM, plant operation needs are taken care by state of the art automation. Process monitoring and some restricted control is done remotely enabling manpower sharing. This helps in cutting down requirement of on-site manpower presence by 90%.

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Everything is Online

PARAM customers get following facilities online:

  • Track spares and consumables

  • Raising and tracking of service requests, consumable requests 

  • Insight into plant operations

  • Payment records, online payment

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Compliance Monitoring

In many cases, this authentic historic data helps in managing the compliance requirements properly. Compliance reports, documents can be easily generated by downloading and formatting the plant data in user friendly formats like Excel.

How Does it Work?

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1. Automation 

Our team of experts studies the existing process and its control system. PAMM integrates its instrumentation and automation  system with existing plant setup with minimal changes in the existing plant.  System commissioning is done after thorough testing.

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3. Data Storage

The data received from each plant is stored in secured databases. Various modules of PARAM process this raw data to generate meaningful information. This information is monitored by respective plant operator staff on continuous basis.

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2. Connectivity

The automation system supplied by PAMM has built in  communication modules. They are capable of communicating over Wi-Fi and GPRS. Once automation system is commissioned, communication with PARAM servers is started over a secured and encrypted protocol.

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4. Intelligence, Built in

PARAM modules keep processing the plant data using smart algorithms to provide critical insights such as alarms, preventive alerts, equipment or spare life alerts. It also suggests changes in process setpoints when and where required.

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