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Services Provided by PAMM

Along with environmental solutions and products, PAMM provides an array of services in the environmental domain to its customers. Following are the some of the main areas in which PAMM specializes.


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PAMM specializes in design and engineering of water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, energy saving solutions based on different technologies. The solutions is meticulously devised based on the quality and quantity required at the output and quality of the input while considering the various constraints which a customer might be facing. 

The array of services include:

  • Design and drawing

  • BOQ preparation

  • Procurement

  • Supervision of installation 



Many customers find it challenging to operate and maintain the plants (WTP, STP etc.) due to lack of skilled manpower & expertise, statutory requirements, cost etc.

PAMM provides operation and maintenance services by providing skilled manpower on the site. This manpower deployment is supported by continuous monitoring and supervision by expert staff. The set of activities carried out are:

  • Management of plant process

  • Sample testing, logging of results

  • Repairs and maintenance of equipment

  • Supply chain management of consumables

  • Management of plant life cycle 


construction workers

PAMM undertakes erection and commissioning contracts on turnkey basis. Skilled and highly experienced team of PAMM engineers, supervisors and workers make sure to implement the project as per the design. The activities undertaken by PAMM in erection and commissioning are:

  • Complete civil works

  • Plumbing work

  • Installation of pumps, blowers, machinery and equipment

  • Control panel supply and installation

  • Electrical wiring

  • Fabrication works

  • BOQ preparation and ordering

  • Supply chain management of materials and machinery

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