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Relief for societies with sewage treatment plants in PMC and PCMC

Residential societies with sewage treatment plant will have to spend 50% less on operator salaries. This will help in saving Rs. 4 to 5 lakh per annum. This new technology enables remote operation of plants thereby sharing and saving manpower costs.

Press Release: Pune

Many residential complexes in PMC and PCMC area have been provided with a sewage treatment plant (STP) by the builders. As per the pollution control authority it is mandatory for many housing societies to run these STPs and use the recycled water for gardening and flushing purposes.

However, due to high operations costs which comprise of operator salaries (biggest expense), chemicals, electricity, and regular maintenance, many societies prefer to keep these plants shut. This results in increased payouts for fresh water for societies. Untreated sewage is released by societies adds pressure on already stressed sewage / drainage systems and adds to pollution. Long term effect of this pollution is much worse than we could imagine. Also, releasing untreated sewage can attract heavy penalties on the erring societies.

PAMM Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a Pune based company, has developed an innovative solution that reduces the operator cost by more than 50%. Societies can now save 4-5 lakhs per annum by using this solution.

By making use of latest IoT technology, PAMM has developed a solution which will enable operation of STPs from its data center. For a few limited activities, personnel will be physically sent to the STP’s location at specific time.


This will help in sharing of manpower between multiple plants and thereby reduce manpower costs.  This solution will also help in reduction of wastage of electricity and chemicals.PAMM’s Managing Director, Mr. Avinash Harle mentioned that the primary goal of the company is to maximize water recycling to reduce stress on fresh water resources and preserve this most valuable resource for future generations. He also mentioned that the company is developing several new products and solutions to achieve this goal.

This solution can be implemented by a direct agreement between ‘society and PAMM’ or by partnership with society’s existing ‘operation and maintenance vendor’. Currently, societies in western Pune and PCMC can install PAMM’s solution and drastically reduce their expenses. The company plans to expand its service footprint across the country in a stage wise manner.


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