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COD, BOD, TSS, pH, Flow Monitoring

​CPCB / State Pollution Control Boards are enforcing continuous monitoring of effluent and emission parameters. It is also mandatory for industries to enable remote monitoring of these parameters from CPCB / SPCB offices.

Parameters for sewage /effluent

  • COD

  • BOD

  • TSS

  • Flow

  • pH

Parameters for emission

  • CO, CO2

  • NOx

  • SOx

  • Particulate matter

PAMM offers a completely integrated solution including state of the art instruments for effluent / emission parameter measurement and automation solution for its continuous connectivity with the central server.

PAMM has developed a remote monitoring solution to provide with analyzers. This solution comprises of hardware platform (to read and log parameter values from analyzers) integrated with software solution to insert these values in the server database in desired format as required by the authority.


Server Connectivity Options

  • Wifi

  • Ethernet

  • 4G data enabled SIM card

Data Logging Options

  • Application on local computer

  • Hardware data logger

  • Cloud hosted server

Communication between instrument and logger

  • Modbus RTU / TCP


  • Local LED/ LCD display board

  • Automatic calibration

  • Remote support from PAMM

  • Integration of tablets / mobiles

The overall solution can be integrated for sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, solid waste recycle units for washing water, chimneys etc. and many more.

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