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Sanitary pad / water dispensers

Product / water dispensers are becoming need of the hour in order to sell or distribute the commodity to deserving users with accuracy. PAMM has a range of dispensers to cater to these needs. PAMM dispensers have following features:

  • Plug and play design

  • Low power consumption

  • Solar or small UPS backup can run the system

  • No manual supervision required

  • Touch screen display

  • Remote monitoring

  • Optional Solar backup

  • Customized design to suit user needs

  • Customized high definition printed cards


In many places, it is still a challenge for women to acquire, use and dispose sanitary pads. This sanitary pad dispenser is targeted particularly for women who do not have access to sanitary pads due to various social stigmas. These dispensers have following features:

  • Small size machine

  • Fits in ladies locker rooms or washrooms in schools, public places

  • Simple design and operation

  • Card and/or coin based operation

  • LCD screen to guide through the dispensing process

  • Remote monitoring for stock, payment collection




  • Accurate dispensing of water

  • Reduction in water consumption or wastage

  • No need of operator or load cell for batch filling

  • Batch can be reset externally using a simple push button

  • Dual line back lit display for flow rate and batch count indication

  • Operation

    • With just one trigger e.g. push of button, the dispenser opens the solenoid valve / switches on the pump till the batch volume is dispensed.

  • RFID card / finger print scanner / coin box interface is available

Available Models

  • Coin Model

    • Inbuilt storage for coins with safety lock

    • Multi-coin acceptor

    • Can capture total cash as well as number of coins of each denomination

  • Card Model

    • Option of batch or continuous dispensation cards

    • Card validity settable

    • Local card recharge using MasterCard

    • Low / No balance indication

    • Easy online recharge facility

  • Coin + Card Model

    • All of the above feature


Card based sanitary pad dispenser in operation


For other applications, such as sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, waste recycling etc. customized dispensers are available for dispensing of chemicals, bio-culture etc. Also, customized dispenser solutions are available for product dispensing. Kindly get in touch for further details.

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