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Energy Monitoring and Saving

Reducing unnecessary wastage of energy is in itself a huge saving, especially for power guzzling equipment, HVAC systems across various industries as well as large offices. PAMM, through its novel M2M based solution, targets at identifying such areas and reducing the power consumption using its   software and hardware integration.

The solution comprises of uniquely designed hardware products and a software platform. Hardware products acquire data of critical parameters from equipment's automation / instrumentation system and store it in the software database with date and time stamp. Software interface provides vital insights to customer in order to help him reduce the power consumption without affecting the overall output expected from the equipment.

Following are some of the features of the overall solution. The same are being depicted in the diagram.

  • Data acquisition from instruments/ PLC controllers/ SCADA/ embedded controllers/ energy meters using various standard interfaces

  • Configuration and management of site, assets and users and security

  • Storage and maintenance of real time data acquired from multiple sites / equipment

  • Parameter / Maintenance Alerts: Configurable SMS / email alerts on any parameters exceeding pre-defined alarm level or any equipment nearing a maintenance condition.

  • Scheduled (preventive) maintenance alerts can also be generated.

  • Equipment Performance Tracker: Specific Algorithms for continuous online calculations of performance/ efficiency and tracking losses.

  • Analytics: Custom analytics reports generation for various user roles

  • Easy to deploy, modular and scale-able architecture

User Facilities (typically for HVAC)

  • Time program based control of the system:

  • Programmable daily shift/ office/ break time schedules

  • Programmable holiday schedules

  • Flexible “Extend Operation” for non-office hrs / holidays

  • Energy saving operations using programmable “Comfort Level Offset”, “Power Save Offset” and “Equipment Step Down” features

  • Additional energy savings using “Purge” and “Break-time Operations” mode


  • Reports can be exported in Excel and PDF format

  • User configurable reporting templates

  • Unlimited no. of users

  • ROI is less than 18 months


Similar solutions are available for existing and new sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, solid waste recycling plants and other equipment.

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