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Water Tanker Monitoring

Water is a precious resource and due to urbanization, municipal water supply or ground water is not sufficient to meet the growing demand of water. Only options for these societies is to purchase water tanker which makes it costlier commodity, where they have to pay huge amount without measuring the quality, quantity of water.

Water tanker monitoring is a simple and economic solution for accurate measurement of quality and quantity of delivered water without human presence.



  • Monitoring of exact quantity and quality of water 

  • Excessive billing from supplier is not possible

  • Accurate, uninterrupted 24X7 monitoring

  • Operator free system

  • Local LCD display for flow rate, totaliser and conductivity indication 

  • Remote monitoring via SMS

  • Optional Android Application for data updation on server, with login ID for web based monitoring and analysis

  • Simple installation on pipeline used for dispensing from tanker

  • SMS alerts to 3 mobile numbers for

    • Number of tankers​

    • Quantity in last tanker

    • Total volume so far

    • Average TDS / Conductivity


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