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 Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment Plants

PAMM specializes in waste water treatment plants and provides sewage treatment plants based on various proven technologies. These plants can be provided in RCC as well as pre-fabricated (MS tanks) as per client’s requirement. PAMM scope includes design, manufacturing, supply and installation of STP’s and the overall solution is always tailor made to customer’s exact needs.

Technologies Used:


  • MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor)

  • SBR (Sequential Bioreactor)

  • Packaged sewage treatment plant

  • Extended Aeration

Features of these technologies are described below:


  • Proven track record

  • Fully or semi-automatic plants

  • Reduced operator requirement

  • Expert and experienced team

  • Reduced power consumption

  • Remote monitoring


  • Industry

  • Hotels

  • Hospitals

  • IT Parks and commercial buildings

  • Residential complexes/ colonies

STP: MBBR (Moving Bed Bio-Reactor)

Fluidized Media Bio-reactor (FMBR) / Moving Bed Bio-reactor (MBBR) combines a conventional activated sludge treatment with fluidized media process to increase the surface area for bacterial growth supported by higher design MLSS.

Advantages of PAMM solutions in FMBR:

  • PAMM uses submerged, easy to clean & maintenance aerators which consume only 40% energy as compared to normal air blower

  • They are absolutely silent in operation

  • Require almost no regular maintenance like oil changing

  • No diffuser grid inside the sewage tanks & hence neat & clean system to maintain

  • Option of automatic oil & grease removal along with fine screening

  • Significant reduction in space requirement due to high surface area & loading rate of media

  • Option of upgrading to MBR as well enhance the capacity of the plant without increase in plot area

STP: MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor)

Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR) combines a conventional activated sludge treatment process with membrane filtration to provide an advance level of organic & suspended solids removal.


Advantages of PAMM:

  • Compactness and small layout size of the plant

  • Simple management of the plant, as a result of high degree of automation (low dependence on human factor)

  • Constant treated effluent quality

  • Reuse of treated wastewater for flushing, HVAC, irrigation purposes or as process water

  • No odor emission

  • Fast construction, because of relatively small size of the plant

  • Reduced quantity of chemicals needed

  • No risk of biomass loss

  • Flexibility on maximal and minimal inflows, within the given parameters

  • Option of BMS / GPRS / Network controlled systems available for remote monitoring & ease of operations

STP: SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor)

PAMM designs, manufactures, supplies, and commission’s Sequential batch reactor (SBR) based STP. As opposed to the conventional activated sludge process, in which wastewater treatment takes place in various, linearly arranged tanks, the SBR process (Sequencing Batch Reactor) occurs sequentially in the same or multiple tanks.

Advantages of PAMM:

  • Operating flexibility and control

  • Potential capital cost savings by eliminating bio media, membranes,  and other equipment

  • Option of BMS / GRPS / Network based monitoring.

  • Fully or semi automatic operation, hence reduced manpower.

Packaged STP
Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

PAMM has specially designed and highly durable packaged sewage treatment plants. Package Type Sewage Treatment systems are compact, modular and can be used in a decentralized manner anywhere for proper treatment of wastewater.

Advantages of PAMM:

  • Uniformity in strength and performance

  • Small land area required

  • Flexibility to site conditions

  • Easy to handle & simple, fast to install

  • Can be upgraded & relocated if required

  • Simple and low cost in operation and maintenance

  • Low noise modules are available

Effluent Treatment Plant 

PAMM does  the design, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) on Turnkey basis for various types and nature of waste water, effluents which combines advanced chemical treatment processes with tertiary polishing system for the removal of organic, inorganic, oil and grease, heavy metals & suspended solids.

We analyze the effluent samples for different effluent parameters as per nature and compositions, carry out the treatability studies by using different methods checking techno-commercial Feasibility and then designed treatment schemes, processes accordingly to suit the purpose and need.



  • Clean industry effluent and can be recycled for further use

  • Reduces the usage of fresh water in industries

  • Preserves natural environment against pollution 

  • Meets the standards for emission of pollutants set by the Government & avoids heavy penalty

  • Reduces expenditure on water acquisition

Pollution Monitoring

CPCB / State Pollution Control Boards are enforcing continuous monitoring of effluent and emission parameters along with their remote monitoring from CPCB / SPCB offices.

PAMM offers a completely integrated solution including state of the art instruments for effluent / emission parameter measurement and automation solution for its continuous connectivity with the central server.

PAMM  has developed a remote monitoring solution to provide with analyzers. This solution comprises of hardware platform (to read and log parameter values from analyzers) integrated with software solution to insert these values in the server database in desired format as required by the authority.

Instruments offered:

  • COD, BOD, TSS analyzer

  • pH sensor/controller

  • SOx , NOx, Cox analyzer.

  • Particulate matter analyzer

  • Parameter display boards (LED/LCD)

  • Flow meters.

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